“Helping organisations to understand drones since 2009”​


—  Jan Lindberg - Founder Skydata Oy

Skydata In English

Passionate interest towards different technologies, gadgets and such, in most cases end up in a situation where you are 110% involved and find yourself not working for others but yourself!

Well, this is partly true as Ive been interested in technologies all my life, but only after more 20 years working in different ITC sector sales and marketing positions, finally in 2009 ended up starting my own company - actually the first drone solutions sales company in Finland.

Skydata today is a totally different setup what we used to be in 2009. Well, you all know how these things go in a sector that basically didnt excist before 2009. Since 10 years now, our company has been around helping consumers, companies, authorities and governmental organizations to understand drone technology and how to get the best out of it. 

We have worked with DJI since day one but have sold many other brands like VulcanUAV, Gryphon Dynamics, SkyHero and manyt others. Today we are focused mainly on the enterprise side of the business, offering a lot more than just a drone systems, but everything that supports it including new EU Regulation training, general app- and user trainings, consulting, auditing and naturally offering all systems as turnkey solutions, including everything the client can imagine.

We are constantly looking for new interesting manufacturers and suppliers to work with, so in case you have interesting product, solution or service, please let us know about your company and drop us an email.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Lindberg
CEO, Founder

jan.lindberg @ skydata.fi